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“If in doubt, paddle out” - October 2012
O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2012 Santa Cruz branding....

UK's premier cycling exhibition - September 2012
London Bike Show 2013 branding & website design & build....

Time Gentleman please - August 2012
Dark Star Brewery branding....

DMR bikes - July 2012
Website design & build for DMR bikes.

Criterion Partnership - June 2012
Branding, website design & build for Business Psychologists.....

Down & Dirty... - May 2012
Branding, website design & builds for RatRace adventure races....

Just Done it - October 2011
Been working for a large sportswear corporation of late.

Top Score - September 2011
EA Video Games ...

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal - September 2011
We have been commissioned to design the Official Tour of Britain cycle Jerseys.

Sydney Opera House - February 2011
As we know our Figaro from our Rigoletto we have also been working on a branding job for the Sydney Opera house across a range of DVD, Blu Ray & Audio CD.

London Bike Show- January 2011
We were approached through our love of all things cycling to create the identity, website and motion graphics for the prestigious London Bike Show. We created 3 different event visuals to highlight the varied range of cycling, along with a CMS based site and a promotional video viral.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic - April-May 2010
The CWC Series will once again return to the start in the wilds of Tasmania, Australia on March 23rd before heading to Scotland, South Africa, Canada and Santa Cruz, California. We designed & built a 'hub' site to hold all the events and individual sites each location. Each site is controlled via a custom built CMS for updating images & content at the events"

NOKIA Coast to Coast - March 2010
We recently created the branding & website for a new event for Nokia "The Nokia Coast to Coast is a unique calendar of sporting events designed to bring people together in some of the UK's most spectacular locations. THE CHALLENGE IS SET. CAN YOU CROSS SCOTLAND IN A WEEKEND?"

MTV COMEDY CENTRAL - February 2010
If comedy is your thing keep your eyes open for the DVD's of the recent Channel4 Show Reno911. Also out now is Chapelle's Show Season 1 the hit US TV show. All designed by Ever

CTC Bike Club - January 2010
Cycling is big business these days, and we have been working closely with the Government funded cycling organisation The CTC. The Idea of Bike Club is to get youngsters out & about on their bikes, its a Nationwide campaign so you should see our branding work in all major towns & cities.

WHATS NEW....? - October 2009
In preparation for the cold weather in the UK we have been working with the guys at O'Neill on the Cold Water Classic – the coldest surfing events in professional surfing. We've just launched the website for the Canada leg of the event with California to follow.

Morvelo Apparel a new clothing brand aimed at those who love to ride on two wheels. We created the identity, clothing designs & online shop.

WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? - 20th Aug 2009
It's been a while since we have updated the site and it's not down to being lazy, we promise. We've been continuing our work with O'Neill and increasing the work we do with CTC. What else? More work in the games industry creating packaging and lots of other interesting projects. Portfolio will be updated very soon. In the meantime give us a call or drop us an email.

CTC - 6th May 2009
Just completed our first project for our new client the CTC who are the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation and have been protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists since 1878. We're big fans of cycling here at Ever so this work is right up our street.

The coldest and wildest international surfing competition series is underway and Ever Creative are once again on board to design the website and flash advertising banners for what is another groundbreaking series from O'Neill. These events require a dynamic CMS and design that can adapt to constantly changing requirements that are part and parcel of these unique events and we love rising to the challenge.

BURN ZOMBIE BURN- 30th March 2009
Burn Zombie Burn now on sale for PS3, game getting good reviews and website getting plenty of hits,chops & swipes. "Ohh, for God's sake! He's got an arm off!"...

TOP SECRET- 20th Feb 2009
We've just completed a motion graphics project for the worlds biggest motor racing series. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to discuss anymore details...

O'NEILL EVOLUTION - 5th Jan 2009
One of the premier snowboard events of the winter calendar has just begun, O'Neill's Evolution. We were once again asked to design and build the content managed site and to create flash advertising banners for worldwide distribution. So far the weather looks superb, the snow excellent and the riding, as always, is awe-inspiring. We're now busy providing essential online support for the event director during the event, although it would be much more fun to be out on the slopes ourselves!

PEPPA PIG - 28th Nov 2008
Peppa Pig, the hugely successful, BAFTA award winning, animated series for pre-schoolers, is now available on the Nintendo DS. Ever Creative designed and developed the website for the game that is already at the top of the pre-order charts and looks likely to be one of the biggest sellers this Christmas. Oink! Oink!

BURN ZOMBIE BURN - 31st Oct 2008
www.burnzombieburn.com is live! Just in time for World Zombie Day. This fest of flaming zombies will surely prove to be one of the most addictive and charismatic arcade shooters of 2009 available on PlayStation®Network early next year, and we're very proud of being part of the project.

WANT TO BE A ROCK STAR? - 16th Sept 2008
We've just finished a poster and email invite for the upcoming 'Battle of Trafalgar' presented by EA Game's 'Rock Band'. At selected Club NME nights around the UK, rock band battles will be taking place, slugging it out for the final in London's Trafalgar Square. Our posters will be out there making sure everyone knows about it.

FOOTBALL DIRECTOR - 18th August 2008
After months of work on both the website and trailer, the Football Director site is now live! For all those that love their football stats and training up their team, you can now do it from the comfort of your Nintendo DS. Prepare to wonder where all that time went to.

O'NEILL LEGENDS - 10th July 2008
O'Neill's latest snowboard film is just stunning, taking some of the worlds best riders around the world - from Japan to Turkey - to experience not only the spectacular terrain, but also explore the stories and myths behind each location. We were lucky enough to work on the promotional website ready for the film launch later this year. Check it out in our portfolio. The trailer is particularly good.

So says The Sunday Times about Little Miss Jocelyn, the BAFTA nominated BBC sketch show. We're in the midst of designing the new DVD cover for the second series, and getting our head around the masses of different characters, some of them are just plain scary.

Very exciting times here at Ever. Everyone loves games, especially when they are on such great platforms such as the Wii, Nintendo DS and Playstation 3. Now we are about to start work designing websites for some great games that are due for release this Christmas. Through our friends at Pinnacle Entertainment we'll be getting to grips with anything from Football stats to flaming zombies and coming up with cracking sites to help market these wonderful games.

JOINING THE RAT RACE - 2nd June 2008
Like biking, climbing, abseiling? How about in some of the UK's major cities? The Rat Race brings adventure racing from the countryside to the urban sprawl, and makes it all the more exciting for it! We have been given the duty of redesigning their website ready for their global expansion.

HUNGRY HIPPOS - 23rd May 2008
We've just secured a contract with Green Hippo. A company you may not have heard off but if you've been to any festivals in the last couple of years, you've probably seen what they do. Green Hippo, and their market leading media server the Hippotiser, are the people behing the mind blowing video displays at such places as Glastonbury. We were appointed to tie together all design aspects of the business from interface design to brochure and logo development. We can't wait!

THE MISSION - 17th May 2008
O'Neill's groundbreaking event The Mission is now underway. Ever Creative designed and built the website as well as the motion graphics for the event. Have a look for yourself. Travelling around surfing?. We're not jealous at all. Honest! Check it out in our portfolio.